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Wealthly Business Owner Cashflow Process 

When you are starting your business, a lot of your focus is on just staying above water. Anne will walk you through steps you could be taking now to set yourself up for success. And then once you start gaining momentum in your business, Anne will teach you how to handle your cashflow and start acting like a wealthy business owner. The steps will be simple, actionable and something you can implement immediately.esigning your marketing pitch, commercial, and ultimately why your clients will benefit from your services. The process for developing a strong sense of connectivity, community and consistency in your business. 



More about Anne ...

Anne Mank, CFP®, CPA has been around the world, helping companies with her accounting, financial and compliance expertise. She started her career at Deloitte & Touche in 1997 and has worked for Manpower, Midwest Airlines, Journal Communications, Cielo and Edward Jones. Her experience at these corporations include tax, audit, accounting, restructuring, corporate investment due diligence, financial planning and wealth management. She loves to learn and uses this passion with each of her clients to understand their complete financial situation.

Anne's clients know that their “personal CFO” understands their goals and will coach them to success.

Work is important to Anne, but not as important as her family. She and her husband live in southeast Wisconsin and have three wonderful children. When she is not attending her children’s sporting events, Anne is also an avid reader and loves to find some quiet time to curl up with a good book.

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