Becky Norwood

Book Publishing Expert | #1 International Bestselling Author | Speaker | Coach |Online Course Creator: “Ultimate Book Launch and Marketing Formula”

The 4 Pillars of a Story Well Told

The Healing Power of Story and the 4 Pillars of a Story Well Told.

Your Story Mastery Blueprint is a powerful transformational tool that teaches the use and power of your story to uncover, discover, and recover the YOU that you are meant to be. You will discover the four pillars of a story well-told and the profound effect this will have on how your message impacts the world in a way that draws and influences those who need to hear the message that only you can share. The objective is to inspire others to release the old stories, transform, evolve, and grow beyond the stories that have ruled their past.



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Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight on Your Business | Spotlight Publishing, #1 International Bestselling author, speaker and book publishing expert. Her main area of focus has been teaching and working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish their knowledge and expertise, and find ways to stand out in our busy, noisy world in powerful ways.

Spotlight Publishing was developed in conjunction with her main business as she studied what is working… and not working to grow a business. Becky now expertly guides her clients to become authors and understanding the big picture behind authoring books by implementing tools, tips, and resources that make publishing worth the time and effort. Her team has successfully brought over 200 authors to #1 Bestseller due to a unique system and powerful affiliate connections.

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