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Integrate for Growth

  1. You’re usually ahead of the game in technology. Why is integration so important to you?
  2. Why is this applicable to our audience – small business owners?
  3. I have accounting, marketing, and contacts in the systems like QuickBooks, MailChimp, and something for CRM for free. Can these all be integrated and why should I care?
  4. How will integrating improve efficiency?
  5. How will integrating improve my profitability?
  6. Everything has variable and fixed costs. Is integrating fixed or variable?
  7. Do I have to integrate everything or are some things okay to ignore?
  8. Seems like a lot of work up front. Is there a trade-off?
  9. Do I have to involve others on pulling together?
  10. What is the best benefit to integrating my systems for managing knowledge (seamlessness)? 



More about Dr. Dennis Hill ...

Self-described as an engineer who can read financial statements, Dr. Dennis Hill has been solving problems and making measurements in businesses for 40 years.  He was introduced to computers at 14 and began his career as a research engineer with a major Fortune 100 company. Dr. Hill was the academic and administrative program head of one the first accredited undergraduate programs in computer science and engineering at 23, assisting other departments in developing additional degree programs in technical communication, business & computer science, and engineering management.  His list of accomplishments, like his client list, are internationally recognized, pioneering many firsts in the fields of sports information, 

higher education, computer security, system performance, change management, and human resources. As an innovator of technology solutions, Dennis has collaborated with scores of businesses over the years in manufacturing, distributing, retailing, hospitality, and entertainment to integrate and optimize their processes, people, and product lines for well-managed, intentional growth.

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