Dr. Shalini Nag

#1 Bestselling International Author, President | EvidaSolve |People, Performance and Culture Strategist | Entrepreneur | Trainer | Speaker

The Entreprenurial Leader: Go Big or Go Home. 


Dr. Nag is our very own expert on people, performance, and culture and she coaches leaders around the world, enabling them to unleash the full potential of their people.

In this session, she not only shares the characteristics that set entrepreneurial leaders apart and enable them to power up their people and create world-changing companies, she also provides a 7-step recipe that YOU can use today to GO BIG and scale your business today.



More about Dr. Shalinl Nag...

A global citizen and avid traveler, Dr. Shalini Nag is a firm believer in the limitless potential of people united by a common goal. She has experienced this first-hand in her work with over 85 organizations worldwide.

Shalini leans on her scientific background and natural empathy to blend data-driven approaches with real-world business know-how. She aligns culture with strategy to shift organizations from reactive problem-solving to proactive issue prevention.

Her versatile and innovative solutions equip business leaders to embed The Success DeltaTM in their organizations – breaking down barriers and building extraordinary teams who deliver exceptional results.

Shalini is an international speaker, corporate trainer and coach and has been recognized as a Top 20 coach in Milwaukee.

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