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The Power of the Human Mind Behind the Digital Mindset 

Do you feel the pace of business speeding up? We are living in this amazing time of transformation.  Businesses need to transform to keep up with the new speed of business. Covid has only amplified this need. A Digitally Expanded Mindset is needed to make the changes and achieve the transformation. When you understand and use the Power of Your mind in combination with a Digitally Expanded Mindset, you can take your businesses transformation to an entirely new level.

We will begin by learning what it means to practice the 5 aspects of a Digitally Expanded Mindset™. Next, we will learn about the connections between feelings and vibrations and understand the emotional vibrational scale. Finally, we will dive into the Power of the mind and the connections between our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the greater intelligence.

I invite you to listen to this session and learn what small business owners need to know to amplify their business through the Power of the Human Mind. 



More about Kerrie...

Growing up in Wisconsin as an avid Girl Scout, Kerrie Hoffman learned that anything is possible and to leave the world better than you found it. Kerrie spent 30+ years in 3 corporations as an intra-preneur and business transformer applying technology to drive new business models and business growth. Her work inspires people and teams to reach beyond their perceived potential and is the secret ingredient to business transformation.

Kerrie believes we are transitioning from the Industrial Age to The Next Age, and this requires business of all sizes to reinvent their business models and ways of working. She is passionate about getting as many companies as possible on their journey to The Next Age.

When she is not focused on her businesses, you’ll find Kerrie spending time with family, camping, making jewelry components, or reading the latest geeky material on the future of technology.

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