Mark Boeder

#1 International Bestselling Business Author | Founder and Key Talent GPS of WarHorse Executive Search. 

Is there a “new normal” for finding and hiring Indispensable Key Talent and winning the War for Post-Pandemic Talent for your business?

The art of captivation your market through stories

Designing your marketing pitch, commercial, and ultimately why your clients will benefit from your services. The process for developing a strong sense of connectivity, community and consistency in your business. 

In my presentation, I’m going to take some of the many lessons I shared in the Brilliant Breakthroughs series book 1 and 2 and expand on them with what I believe, it’s going to take to profitably stay in business.

 This will help to increase profit.

 2020 is now almost halfway over:

  • How is your business doing?
  • Are you generating the amount of new leads or clients that you would like?
  • Do your customers or clients look at you as a true trusted advisor, or just another service provider?
  • When asked what you do, do you riddle the person with facts about your business or service, or do you capture their attention through stories woven into your presentation?


More about Mark...

Mark Boeder, the founder and Key Talent GPS of WarHorse Executive Search works to seek, surface, and deliver High Impact Key Talent crucial to a company’s growth. As the Key Talent GPS, Mark is the bridge between Indispensable Key Talent and organizations who are obsessed by growth. He possesses an extremely strong Midwestern Work Ethic, integrity, and personal energy. Mark is a business leader and connector who has found thousands of great candidates who in turn have helped countless companies grow exponentially during his 25 years in the industry.

Mark is not actually so sure that there is a new normal when it comes to finding key people to help grow your business, except now and probably for the next couple of years it is going to be a very competitive marketplace.

Several larger local companies are on hiring binges and because they have high profiles and are said to be great places to work they can find it at least marginally easier to attract great talent and to eventually hire them. There are many smaller and midsize companies as well who are going to be growing and hiring people. Some industries also did better than others during the Pandemic of 2020/2021 because their product or services were in demand or even higher demand due to the pandemic. The point is due to the competition in the War for Talent, small to midsize companies have to develop outstanding processes, particularly outbound processes, to tell their company’s story and connect with people you not only want to hire today but people you may want to hire a year from now or two years from now.


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