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The 4 Secrets to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

In case you might find yourself asking “What in the heck is Influencer Capabilities or Imposter Syndrome?” 

Let’s first look at the definitions of each.

Influencer: One who exerts influence; a person who inspires or guides the actions of others.

Imposter: One who assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception.

Imposter Syndrome: Psychological condition characterized by persistent doubt concerning one's abilities or accomplishments accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of one's ongoing success.

As I continued to explore how imposter syndrome has gotten in my own way over the years, I found there were 4 common characteristics. In this conversation I explore a 4-part framework I designed on how to avoid falling pray to imposter syndrome and how to own your brilliance.

The four secrets of how-to overcoming imposter syndrome. Which are as follows:

Secret #1 – Own your expertise, don’t fall prey to your insecurities!

Secret #2 – Whether or not you are an imposter, expert, or influencer, lies in your belief about yourself!

Secret #3 – What your mind can believe, through proper conditioning, you can achieve.

Secret #4 – Be coachable and trust your mentors or guides!



More about Mike...

Mike Raber is a 2 times Bestselling Business Author, Speaker and Coach. Mike’s skills and capabilities of leadership, building relationships, growing different businesses and writing a book with his young daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids has helped to make him the father and wealth coach that he is today. He offers a bonus of having a real estate, business, insurance and financial planning background.

Even though Mike doesn’t look like it, he is a non-conformist. From his earliest days, he marched to a different beat! Most people under-estimate Mike. Why? He’s unique, but not a unicorn. Additionally, he’s a quiet leader. Here’s what makes Mike different: he is wicked smart, practical, and a visionary. His genius shines brightly. 

He deeply listens to learn what is genuinely important to you and then reminds you of it at the most opportune time. Humor is a great asset when speaking of serious business. Mike’s timing is exquisite to lift the stress. Did I mention Mike’s a great people connector? I’ve never seen a person care more about and do everything possible to support the right people to connect.

Mike works with coaches, influencers, and professionals who are striving to be thought leaders. He helps them fully understand their own superpowers and step into their purpose as they help their clients obtain peace and profitability in their business. Mike created a powerful framework to help his clients remove false beliefs, that often get in their way; Such as, dealing with imposter syndrome and the many challenges faced by small business owners.

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