Rev. Maggie Mongan

Thought Leader of Small Business Success | CEO, Master Business Coach | Content Creator | Peace Minister | Community Builder | Creator: #1 Bestselling Annual Business Book Series & Podcast

3 Tips to Simplify People Performance  

If you're like most Small Business Owners, you probably are overwork, frustrated, and trying to figure out how to optimize your performance and the performance of your people (internal and external) to improve your business's performance.

What if in less than an hour you could learn how to simplify the power for your people and have some techniques to apply to simplify everyone's success rates, and ultimately your business?

Tip 1 - Simplify:
We'll begin by sharing how changing your business model to The 4 Performance Pillars of Small Business SuccessTM may provide the relief you seek to grow your business!

Maggie will share the 5 roles people play in your business (this understanding assists you with learning how to organize your business conversations).

Tip 2 - Being Present:
Maggie will share why the power of being present with people is prices and 3 simplified tips to apply immediately.

Tip 3 - Simplify Performance of People (this includes yourself):

Maggie will share the power of aligning, guiding, and rewarding, which may not be what you're thinking)

BONUS TIP DISCUSSED: "Simplicity helps your people improve their productivity, which amplifies your peace and profitability."

All this is discussed, with directions to simply implement even this week for you and your business to shine brightly!


More about Maggie...

Maggie Mongan is a Business Thought Leader, Master Business Coach & Strategist, and #1 International Bestselling Business Author. She’s worked with Top 100 companies to solo-entrepreneurs. She was even the CEO of a tech start-up firm back in the day. Maggie is commonly known for being the founder of the #1 Bestselling Book Series: “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business”.

Maggie’s, “day job”? Almost 20 years ago she founded Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc., a coaching practice to holistically guide and simplify YOUR Business Brilliance. Maggie’s clients get unconventional results because of her proven techniques, when she blends best practices of business with 21st-century techniques and tools, plus applies spiritual practices. Did I mention Maggie’s an ordained Interfaith Minister? She’s all about helping businesses simultaneously create profit and peace.

Maggie is known for working with clients, who are committed to creating what she calls a “Brilliant Business”. Together, they intentionally build a simplified business of profitability and peace, while releasing the old under-performing business. And this, is precisely why Maggie is in high demand!

Maggie is a cheese lover, Harley rider, and stargazer. She’s still madly in love with her husband of almost 40 years. Perhaps, most noteworthy: Maggie created and published the #1 Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Businesses while recovering from not 1, but 2, severe Traumatic Brain Injuries! Above all, Maggie is a Possibilitarian. 

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