Susan White

#1 International Bestselling Business Author | Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Integrative Life Coach |President, Lifeskills Center, Ltd. 

Warning: Is Social Civility Facing Extinction? 

This discussion takes a light-hearted, practical & genuine look at current trends in  human behavior and how it affects the small business community. While product quality and availability is significant to any business, how much focus do we still place on relationships – both within the organization, as well as with our customers or client base? We’ll explore what might need to shift and why, and you may be surprised! It doesn’t require any financial investment!  



More about Susan...

Susan White is a genuine 21 st century renaissance woman. When it comes to knowing a little about a lot, she is the real deal! She often discusses the complexity of humans, and views herself as an anthropologist, behaviorist, sociologist, psychologist, lover of humanity and life, realist,  possibilitarian and is licensed in  the state of Illinois as a Clinical Social Worker. She is a returning bestselling author having written about hope and willingness using the framework of small business ownership and participated in the 2020 Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Summit illustrating how our behavior can affect our bottom line. She has a wide variety of experience in the workforce! Susan has held positions in large national corporations, worked in retail management, finance, sales and the restaurant industry, as well as small family run businesses. She even has knowledge of farming! 

For the past 14 years, Susan has been the owner and president of Lifeskills Center, Ltd where she has counseled thousands of teens and adults through a variety of transitions including grief and loss, conflict resolution, trauma,  addictions, shadow work and couples counseling. Susan is most at home supporting clients in doing deep transformational work to learn more about themselves, grow in ways to support their deepest desires and focusing       on development.

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